Briarcliffe ocean sunrise-2

Sunrise on Briarcliffe Beach

Briarcliffe Acres Association is a nonprofit organization for the maintenance and preservation of the common and community lands within the coastal town of Briarciffe Acres. All Briarcliffe Acres property owners are eligible for Membership in the Association.

The purpose of the Association, as stated in the Briarcliffe Association Bylaws, is “to promote and improve the Town of Briarcliffe Acres: do all things to advance good neighborly relations; promote a governing body of the community; control and manage the common and community areas of Briarcliffe Acres; to preserve and conserve the natural habitats and environmentally sensitive areas, and for other charitable, scientific and educational purposes and maintain the community’s Bird Sanctuary status.”

The Association is independent from the Town of Briarcliffe Acres (i.e., is not an HOA), but collaborates with the Mayor, Town Council and Police Chief, as needed. Utilities, trash collection, road maintenance, building permits, lakes, elections, and governance are all handled by the town. For more information, please visit the Town of Briarcliffe Acres’ Website.

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