Community Land

By order of the State Supreme Court and, subsequently by the Master in Equity in 1979, the Association manages approximately 34 acres of land, most of which is Conservation Protected.


White Point Swash







All of the following properties were subsequently purchased and are owned by the Association except for the Buffer Zone:

  • Buffer Zone: The 40′ wide by ~4700′ long section serving as a buffer between Highway 17N and the Town of Briarcliffe Acres (4.63 acres). This land is privately owned, but is managed by the Association.
  • The 40′ x 200′ access between Lot 304 and 305 (0.2 acres).
  • The triangle located on North Gate Road east of Lot 133 (~0.44 acres).
  • The 3.55 acre area known as “Parcel B”, located on the southwest side of Ocean View Drive, extending from the intersection of Ocean View Drive & Beach Drive and stopping at the curve on Beach Drive in the area of the current access. The Association obtained the right to build on this section in the event the Cabana was destroyed and could not be rebuilt. Most of the parcel is designated wetlands.
  • The ocean front extending from the Meher Spiritual Center area to the border with Ocean Creek, and from Beach Drive to the high water mark at the ocean front (24.68 acres). The Cabana is located in the approximate center. [Note: the Town has the responsibility for the beach from the high water mark out 1 mile.]
  • Habitat Park, which is located at the intersection of Pine Tree Lane & Cabana Road, beside Lot 157 (~0.25 acres).
  • Green Park, which is located on Cabana Road between Lots 197 & 198, and across from Habitat Park (~0.25 acres).


The North American Land Trust Forming a Conservation Easement that includes all Association Lands East of Beach Drive. This includes Plat A, Plat B, and the North Gate Extension area. The purpose of this Conservation Easement is to preserve the Conservation Area predominantly in its present condition.


Briarcliffe Beach South View

Briarcliffe Beach South View

All of us are responsible to take a proactive role in keeping our beach clean. Please remove all trash, including cigarette butts and dog waste, and place in trash receptacles found at both access points. Please also fill in any holes as they present hazard to neighbors walking the beach, night time and early morning maintenance crews, and to our abundance of wildlife (including nesting loggerhead turtles).

We have been fortunate to have a number of sea turtle nests on our beach in the last few years. There is a volunteer group that helps monitor the sea turtles. More details here.





The Cabana and gated parking area are for use by BAA members only (and their accompanied guests). The cabana has bathrooms (that operate during the warm months when the water is on), and numerous dining tables inside and out with plenty of space to accommodate the many Association sponsored social events, as well as private events held by Members. There is also a bridge crossing over the swash, an outdoor shower area, decking around the Cabana, a boardwalk to the beach, and a beach overlook with benches. Please note there is No Smoking allowed on any Association property, and that the Cabana and surrounding areas are under 24/7 security surveillance.



South End Swash Foot Bridge


There is a smaller non-gated beach access on the south end of the beach, at the east end of Middle Gate Road. While there is no car parking in this area, there is ample room for golf cart (if displaying current BAA decal) and bicycle parking.





Habitat Park

Habitat Park, located on the corner of Cabana Road and Pine Tree Lane, was inspired by a handful of residents who became committed to the task of transforming the overgrown lot into a peaceful nature park overlooking North Lake.

The park was officially designated a Community Wildlife Habitat in 2006, the 19th community in the country to receive such an honor. The National Wildlife Federation commended the dedicated residents of Briarcliffe Acres and the Community Wildlife Team for their efforts to demonstrate the beauty and conservation value of planting native trees, flowers and grasses.




Green Park

In 1993 the Membership voted to dedicate one of the park areas to the memory of Frank Green and in honor of his wife, Dorothy Fillius Green. Subsequently a dedicatory plaque was erected in the park bordering on the South Lake and located between 197 and 198 Cabana Road.






North Gate Road Extension (Carts Only)

There is access to the northwest end of White Point Swash from North Gate Road, accessible primarily by golf cart (displaying current BAA decal). Emergency services also uses this road for beach access for rescue vehicles.





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